Why is it that most people have such a hard time losing weight and maintaining their weight loss? It’s because they either exercise or go on a diet or take some supplement. But when you combine the three, you will learn step-by- step strategies to lose weight safely and effectively, while minimizing your risk of injury. Why you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off, and why you keep getting injured when you start exercising. You will see that weight loss is about more than calories and willpower. You will see how important of a role your stress levels, digestive health and hormones play.

In these pages you will uncover...
  • Why stress can keep you fat even if you eat right and exercise.
  • Why you must have digestive health before fat loss is possible.
  • Your hormones determine your body fat more than your calories.
  • How good sleep habits make fat loss a whole lot easier.
  • If you’re not assessing, you are guessing. How to measure your results (and no, your scale isn’t the way to go).
  • How to figure out what foods are right for you. Surprise! Sometimes overall healthy foods may not be healthy for your specific body.
  • How to do resistance training if you want to lose fat, and where most people go wrong.
  • Why too much cardio can actually make you put on body fat. What kind of cardio you should do and how much.
  • Why stretching the wrong way can actually increase your risk of injury and how to stretch properly.
  • Why good posture is the key to avoid injury from exercise.
  • Nutritional supplements: which ones do you really need?
  • How to exercise if you don’t have much time or energy.
  • How can you stay motivated.